About Us

At A&T Real Estate our mission is to help our clients accomplish their ultimate Real Estate goals. Our team has over 20 years of Sales experience, 15 years of Advertising experience and over 10 years of Real Estate experience. Whether you're a first time buyer who need a team to walk you through the home buying process from locating a lender to collecting your keys at the closing table, or a seller who wants to sell at the maximum market value in the least amount of time, we have the experience and expertise you need!   

With years of advertising and sales experience, at A&T Real Estate we are equipped to market our seller's homes in more innovative ways. We believe in targeted advertising and will only market your property in places that make the most sense. Our sales associates are highly-skilled professionals who will assist you throughout the selling process from guidance to setting the offer price, scheduling showings, contract negotiations, and on to the closing table!

At A&T Real Estate we are able to offer an insider's perspective on the community and local real estate market. By living and selling real estate in several counties within Metro Atlanta, we know the "hot" and "not so hot" areas. A lot of first time buyers tend to think that home ownership isn't meant for them or there's too much responsibility that they're not ready for, but I'm here to tell you that's not true. I always say that if you can rent, you can own, and most of the time you actually SAVE money every month when you're buying a home instead of renting one. The benefits of owning a home far outweighs any challenges. 

Buying and Selling property is one of the most important decisions you'll make in your life, so please don’t do it alone. Contact an A&T Real Estate professional today to help you through the process at 678-754-0199, or email us at Info@AandTRealEstate.com