Buying or Selling A Home


Buying A Home


Congratulations on making one of the most important decisions of your life, Buying a House!   

A lot of first time buyers tend to think that home ownership isn't meant for them or there's too much responsibility that they're not ready for, but I'm here to tell you that's not true. I always say that if you can rent, you can own! The benefits of owning your own home far outweighs any challenges. For example, every year when January comes around and you're preparing to file your taxes, how much of your rent can you write off? That's right, $0!!! You can't deduct 1 dime of your rent, but guess how much you can write off if you own a home? You get to write off ALL of the interest you paid on the loan for that year AND you get to write off ALL of the property taxes you paid that year! That's THOUSANDS of dollars you get to write off because you're buying your home. That alone should be your incentive to buy instead of rent, but in case you need more, what about the fact that you can paint any room in your house any color you want without having to ask permission? What about the comfort of knowing that one day that house will be paid for and you'll never have to pay a mortgage again, only property taxes (no getting away from that)?

Homeownership is one of the best decisions you'll make in your life and I would love to be the broker you choose to help you make it happen! 


Selling A Home


Now that you have decided to sell your home, you should begin the process of preparing your home for sale. Our sales associates are highly-skilled professionals who will assist you throughout the marketing period, from guidance to setting the offering price, through showings and contract negotiations and on to the closing table.

Keep Your Home Sale from Falling Apart

Online Article From: Buy And Sell House Logic | By: G. M. Filisko

After finding a buyer, all you have to do to make it to closing is to avoid these five traps. Finding a buyer for your home is just the first step on the homeselling path. Tread carefully in the weeks ahead because if you make one of these common seller mistakes, your deal may not close.

Mistake #1: Ignore contingencies

If your contract requires you to do something before the sale, do it. If the buyers make the sale contingent on certain repairs, don't do cheap patch-jobs and expect the buyers not to notice the fixes weren't done properly.

Mistake #2: Don't bother to fix things that break

The last thing any seller needs is for the buyers to notice on the pre-closing walk-through that the home isn't in the same condition as when they made their offer. When things fall apart in a home about to be purchased, sellers must make the repairs. If the furnace fails, get a professional to fix it, and inform the buyers that the work was done. When you fail to maintain the home, the buyers may lose confidence in your integrity and the condition of the home and back out of the sale.

Mistake #3: Get lax about deadlines

Treat deadlines as sacrosanct. If you have three days to accept or reject the home inspection, make your decision within three days. If you're selling, move out a few days early, so you can turn over the keys at closing.

Mistake #4: Refuse to negotiate any further

Once you've negotiated a price, it's natural to calculate how much you'll walk away with from the closing table. However, problems uncovered during inspections will have to be fixed. The appraisal may come in at a price below what the buyers offered to pay. Be prepared to negotiate with the buyers over these bottom-line-influencing issues.

Mistake #5: Hide liens from buyers

Did you neglect to mention that Uncle Sam has placed a tax lien on your home or you owe six months of homeowners association fees? The title search is going to turn up any liens filed on your house. To sell your house, you have to pay off the lien (or get the borrower to agree to pay it off). If you can do that with the sales proceeds, great. If not, the sale isn't going to close.