Morgan H. - First Time Buyer (Atlanta)


In the future I will only use Alice Williams as my Realtor & recommend her to friends, family and acquaintances because of the unmatched service and attention that she provided me and my fiancé on buying our first home. 

It sounds ridiculous,but I had agents completely blow me off when we made appointments- I would drive out to the house we were scheduled to see and be locked out & the agent would be not answering his phone, then yell at me when I spoke to his supervisor. I have heard horror stories about realtors, and to be quite honest I do not trust them. 

Alice is my exception. She was always in contact, and was Our realtor- she got us the best possible deal, and was our advocate. When I would ask for something, she made sure that it was either delivered or there was an explanation & she would immediately relay that to me.

The reason why Alice is great at her job and really separates herself from the pack of wolves is that she makes your home buying experience personal; she knows that it is personal for you and she makes it personal to herself. I trust Alice and she is fantastic, I don't feel like I am giving her a fourth of the review she deserves.

Erika B. - First Time Buyer (East Point)

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Alice. I have ad several brokers over the years and none of them helped me to secure home. Alice was extremely patient with me. She always made herself available and I trusted her expertise. As a first time homebuyer she helped me to understand the difference between a good purchase and a bad one. She negotiated me a great deal; so great that the seller almost had second thoughts about selling! I was able to get an interest rate of 3.75% which is below the current market interest rate of 4%, not to mention the seller paid 5% towards my closing costs. Now, we are in our dream home and its all because of Alice. I would recommend her to ANYONE because she is just that great. 

The Williams Family - (Austell)

We can truly say that Alice is not just our Agent anymore, she is a part of our family. From the very beginning Alice listened to our issue and came up with solutions. She is very patient and allows you to make the choice. Thru it all Alice allows you to lead and give a helping hand when it is needed, but has the ability to take charge when needed. She is THE SUPER AGENT. She has a welcoming voice on the phone and great person to person skills. We do recommend her to all, for anything home buying, or selling!!!!!!!!!! Thank You and We Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Jeffrey H. - First Time Buyer (Dunwoody)

I am so pleased that I chose Alice as my agent had the opportunity to work with her. Especially since I was purchasing my first home. She immediately responded to my emails on different homes and would meet me on short notice to show me a property. My parents were also impressed with Alice’s professionalism and dedication. When I found the house I wanted to buy, she worked with me and my lender to make sure the closing went smoothly. If not for her assistance I don’t think I would have met my closing date since my lender kept "misplacing" documents and not communicating to us like they should have. She went above and beyond what I expected. I’ve already recommended Alice to two of my friends and will recommend her to anyone else who is buying a first home.  

April W. - First Time Buyer (Atlanta)

Upon my initial call to Alice, whom was referred to me, she treated me very well.  What made her service above and beyond was her enthusiasm.  Alice was very excited for me when she saw a home that I liked/loved. She makes sure that she finds out what it is that you are looking for up front and doesn’t present you with a home if its amenities aren’t on your “list”.  She not only looks for your dream home for you, she gives you ideas for decorating, etc. She is very in tune with her clients’ needs.  Alice is patient with her clients. I wasn’t always the best client and I am very adamant about the things that I want. There were so many homes that weren’t “the one”.  I would call Alice on Sundays and late evenings worried about the offer being accepted or anything.  She never rejected my call, got frustrated, or overwhelmed.  Her patience and loyalty was something that made me very fond of her.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. Alice is the best! 

Alicia D. - First Time Buyer (Brookhaven)

Alice, I am so excited.  We did it!!!!  I love my house and everything.  You were awesome and made it so easy on me!  Thanks again!!!!